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UE:EU is hosting a conference and exhibition on the 17th and 18th of March 2015 at the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge to discuss the implications of emergent risks on the built environment and its inhabitants.

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Tuesday 17th March 2015



Wednesday 18th March 2015



The two day conference will focus on international and interdisciplinary perspectives on risk within the built environment from students, academics, and professionals. In addition to presentations from architects, engineers and planners there will be discussions with geographers, economists, psychoanalysts, etc. 

Cities are developing into increasingly complex systems. This is giving rise to new scales of risk, making preparedness measures and resilience planning more challenging to formulate and implement. Large urban populations growing directly over major fault lines in Iran, infectious disease epidemics becoming endemic in Hong Kong, flooding threatening the UK’s coastal towns, and China’s unique aging population issue exemplify how 21st century urbanism is becoming defined by our relationship to risk. We therefore question how prepared our urban lifestyles and urban forms are for these inevitable threats?

Each group will include a number of 20 minute presentations followed by a one hour panel discussion. It would be great to have your input and engagement in these discussions. The exhibition will run in parallel to the talks with opportunities for networking. Public viewing of the exhibition including a  wine reception with speakers and exhibitors will be held, each evening between 17:00 – 19:00. As an aside, Guardian Cities has expressed an interest in attending to cover the conference and exhibition so we’re hoping for good coverage of both days.

Please click here to view the programme.

Please do make sure that you register for tickets in advance.
For any questions or further information please contact either Tom Lindsay and Mehrnaz Ghojeh on