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Department of Architecture


The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture award, held under the patronage of UNESCO, recognizes the contributions of five architects who exemplify principles of sustainable development and a participatory architectural approach to societal needs across the globe. Wesam Al Asali received the award alongside scholars and practitioners Anders Jaque, Marina Tabassum, Ciro Pirondi, and Klaus K. Loenhart.

Wesam writes that:

"Receiving the Global Award marks a significant milestone in my research and career journey. It is particularly meaningful given my study and research years at Cambridge, where I studied the integration of traditional and sustainable building techniques with advanced building technology. The insights gained during my time at Cambridge have greatly influenced our approach at IWLab, guiding us to focus on local building techniques and sustainable architectural practices. This emphasis on local knowledge and sustainable architecture was specifically acknowledged by the award's jury in the Laudatio.

IWLab experiments with local materials and explores the complex relationships between the Middle East’s built and natural environments to develop collaborative projects and training opportunities that prioritize the exchange of traditional knowledge at all levels."

Dr Wesam Al Asali and Dr. Iyas Shahin accepting their award.