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Xihe Jiao

Xihe Jiao

Xihe Jiao

Queens' College

Research Area: Filling a gap between urban planning and landscape design: a study of the pedestrian catchment area of rail stations in Southeast England

Supervisor: Dr Ying Jin


He holds a BA (2007) in Landscape Architecture from Zhejiang University in China, and a MA (2010) in Landscape Architecture from University of Sheffield. He's entitled Licentiate Membership in Landscape institute after graduate and before starting his study at the University of Cambridge, he worked as a Landscape Architecture Assistant in Weddle Landscape Research Office Ltd. in Sheffield, design experience includes business parks, urban riverside mixed use regeneration, university campus and offices area landscape.


Research Interests

Xihe's research focuses on integrating urban ecology/Landscape design into urban design and urban planning, with a particular emphasis on high density area, eg. railway station, economic district etc.