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Vassilis Zachariadis MEng MSc MPhil PhD

Vassilis Zachariadis, MEng MSc MPhil PhD

Research Associate

Office Phone: 01223 760125


Research Associate (Centre of Smart Infrastructure and Construction:

Legion Limited ( - Senior Scientist

Research Interests

Land-use dynamics, complex systems in space, pedestrian behaviour and transport simulation, multi-agent systems and spatial morphology.

Current research agenda includes route choice behaviour, complexity emerging from urban activity interactions, games in space, self-organisation and macroscopic qualities of complex systems.

Key Publications


Echenique M., Grinevich V., Hargreaves A., Zachariadis V. (2013) LUISA: a land-use interaction with social accounting model; presentation and enhanced calibration method. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 40(6) 1003 – 1026 

Feldman, O., Mackett, R., Richmond, E., Simmonds, D., Zachariadis, V. (2010). A microsimulation model of household location. In Pagliara, F., Preston, J., Simmonds, D. (Eds.). Residential Location Choice ( pp.223-241). Dordrecht, Germany: Springer Verlag.

Zachariadis, V., Amos, J., Kohn, B. (2009) Simulating pedestrian route choice behaviour under transient traffic conditions. In H.J.P. Timmermans, ed. Pedestrian Behaviour: Models, Data Collection and Applications. Emerald Publications.

Feldman, O., Richmond, E., Zachariadis, V. (2007) Household location modelling: Final Report - Part 2: Technical Specification [Internet]. Department for Transport; Policy, guidance and research; Economics and appraisal; Research and development of guidance. Available from: DfT <> [Accessed 02|07|09].

Coming soon:

Zachariadis, V., Jin Y., Denman S. (2015) Modelling the spatiotemporal dynamics of urban activities and travel demand. Transportation, Springer (Forthcoming) 

Deng B., Denman S., Zachariadis V., Jin Y. (2014) Modelling route choices using low sampling frequency taxi traces - A GPS-GIS Path Identification Tool. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research (Forthcoming)

Zachariadis, V., Andersen, R., Berrou, J.L., Gerodimos, A. (2014) Discrete Spaces in Pedestrian Microsimulation. Journal of Simulation, Palgrave (Under submission) 


Deng B., Denman S., Zachariadis V., Jin Y. (2013) A New GPS-GIS Path Identification Tool For Mapping Low Sampling Frequency Taxi Traces. Mobile Ghent 13, Ghent, Belgium 

Giacaglia M., Echenique M., Hargreaves A. and Zachariadis V. (2013) São Paulo metropolis development modelling - information requirements and long term perspectives, AUM 2013Cambridge, UK 

Zachariadis V., Jin Y., Hagen-Zanker A (2013) Reducing the computational requirements of models of spatial interaction using hierarchical clustering of spatial choices, AUM 2013, Cambridge, UK 

Echenique M., Grinevich V., Hargreaves A., Zachariadis V. (2012) An Integrated Economic and Spatial Interaction Model for Testing Spatial Planning Policies in combination with Green Technologies, AUM 2012, Cambridge, UK 

Echenique M., Grinevich V., Hargreaves A., Zachariadis V. (2011) Implementation of a Land Use Spatial Interaction Model based on Random Utility Theory and Social Accounting Matrices, ERSA 2011, Barcelona, Spain

FeldmanF., Mackett R., RichmondE., SimmondsD., Zachariadis V. (2011) A Microsimulation Model of Household Location, CUPUM 2011, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Echenique M., Grinevich V., Hargreaves A., Zachariadis V. (2011) Implementation of a Land Use Spatial Interaction Model, AUM 2011, Cambridge, UK

Zachariadis, V., Amos, J., Kohn, B. (2009) Microsimulation approaches to pedestrian route assignment modelling ,ETC 2009, European Transport Conference, Leeuwenhorst Conference Centre, the Netherlands.

Grinevich V., Jin Y., Zachariadis V. (2009) Spatialised Social Accounting and its application in the Greater South East of England, ERSA 2009, Conference of the European Regional Science Association, Vienna, Austria

Zachariadis V., (2009) Pedestrian modelling from research to commercial applications, Invited speaker, Developments in urban models, simulation and spatial analysis, UCL London (09.01.2009)

Zachariadis V. (2008) Agent-based approaches to pedestrian movement modelling - The effect of agent interaction, activity location and spatial configuration on way-finding and route choices, PED2008, 4th International Conference on Pedestrian Dynamics, Wuppertal, Germany

Zachariadis V. (2007) Modelling pedestrian movement and choices from micro to urban scale: issues, patterns and emergence, CUPUM 2007, Iguassu de Foz, Brazil.

Feldman O., Simmonds D., Zachariadis V., Richmond E., Mackett R. (2007) A microsimulation model of household location CUPUM 2007, Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, Iguassu Falls, Brazil.

FeldmanF., SimmondsD., Zachariadis V., RichmondE., Mackett R. (2007) SimDELTA: a microsimulation approach to household location modelling, WCTR 2007, 11th World Conference on Transport Research Society, Berkeley, USA.

Zachariadis V. (2005) Agent-based approaches to the simulation of pedestrian movement, CUPUM 2005, London, UK