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PhD candidate Toby Parsloe

PhD candidate  Toby Parsloe

PhD candidate

Architecture of Refugee Camps


Toby has an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies from the University of Cambridge and a BA in History from the University of Bristol. His research interests lie in the socio-political and cultural aspects of architecture and urbanism. His PhD research focuses on the architecture of the refugee camps camps that have emerged in Northern Europe in the current refugee crisis, with a particular focus on the German case.  

Research Interests

The spatiality of the 'camp'

Urban Camps

Legacies of Urban Heritage in Berlin

Memorialisation of the Berlin Wall

Architecture of Airports

Key Publications

'Berlin's Tempelhof: the camp too controversial to customize', Refugee Deeply/ News Deeply, (2017) (Reproduction of 'Appropriating buildings to House Refugees: Berlin Tempelhof' in the Forced Migration Review) 

'Appropriating Buildings to House Refugees: Berlin Tempelhof', Forced Migration Review, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford (2017)