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Qiancheng (Sum) Wang

Qiancheng (Sum) Wang

MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies

St. Edmund's College, University of Cambridge


Qiancheng is an MPhil candidate in architecture and urban studies at the University of Cambridge and a member of Horizon Program, Tsinghua University. In 2018, Qiancheng graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with First Class Honours majoring in Building Engineering and Management and minoring in Applied Mathematics. His research focuses on building performance simulation and energy conservation in the built environment.  He worked as a research assistant/helper in HKPU and NUS, where he won the Best Paper Award in the ICCREM 2018 and the Most Integrative Waste-Energy System for Building Award in WSBE 2017. He also serviced as an assistant project manager at Shaangu Power (SSE: 601369) in 2015 and as an assistant engineer in Henderson Group (HKEX: 0012) in 2016. Qiancheng is as a reviewer for Energies and Electronics.

Research Interests

Building performance simulation

Energy conservation in the built environment

Key Publications

Journal Papers:

  1. Chang, S., Wang, Q.*, Hu, H., Ding, Z., & Guo, H. (2019). An NNwC MPPT-Based Energy Supply Solution for Sensor Nodes in Buildings and Its Feasibility Study. Energies12(1), 101. (SCIE)
  2. Wang, Q., Wei, H.*, Xu, Q. (2018). “Feasibility Study of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) – Based Biogas-from-Waste Generation System for Residential Buildings in China”. Sustainability. 10(7), 2395. (SSCI)
  3. Wang, Q., Ni, M.*, Qin, W., Xu, Q. (2017). “Distributed Waste Treatment in buildings: Biogas-from-waste for SOFC-based Tri-generation”. Modern Environment Science and Engineering. 10(3), 675-684. 

Conference Papers:

  1. Zhang S.*, Hu L., Wang Q., Shi W., Qu M., Wen M.. (2019), “A feasibility study on the waste-to-biogas SOFC-based multi-generation with energy storage system in buildings”, Central Europe towards Sustainable Building Conference, Prague, July 2-4. (Abstract Accepted)
  2. Chang R.*, Wang Q. (2018), “Revolutionizing urban energy planning: A roadmap towards city-level energy modelling in Australia”, International Conference on Construction Project Management and Construction Engineering, Sydney, December 3-6. (Best Paper Award)
  3. Wang. Q.*, Zhang. S., Wei D., Ding Z. (2018). “Additive Manufacturing: A New Power for Construction Industrialization”. International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management, Charleston, USA, August 9-10. (Best Paper Award)
  4. Wang, Q.*, Chen, B., Ni, M., Alvarado, R., Xu, H., Qin, W., Wang, Y. (2017), “The Application of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in Buildings for Electricity, Heating and Cooling Tri-generation Using Natural Gas or Bio-gas from Waste”, World Sustainable Built Environment Conference, Hong Kong, pp351-357, June 4-8. (Most Integrative Waste-Energy System for Building Award)

Field Patents:

As an Inventor and an Assignee

  1. Chang, S., Hu, H., Wang Q., An AI-Based Smart Indoor Wireless Photovoltaic System for D.E.R. (一种人工智能控制室内环境无线光伏自供能传感器系统). China Patent Application Number: 201810739631.3. (Under Review)
  2. Wang, Q., Wei, H., Chi H., Chang R., Hu, H., Ding Z., An Indoor Luminous Energy Recycling System (一种可用于室内光能再利用的地板). China Patent Application Number: 201820737392.3. (Under Review)
  3. Wang, Q., An SOFC-Based CCHP system employing biogas-from-waste for buildings (一种利用有机废物燃料的建筑冷、热、电联供系统及方法). China Patent Application Number: 201710835395.0, CN107461851A.

As an Inventor only

  1. A Quenching Tower for Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment (一种医药制剂处理装置用半干式急冷塔). China Patent Number: 201720132453.9, CN206504641 U.
  2. An Approach for Solid and Liquid Waste Incineration with Waste Heat Recovery (一种废固及废液焚烧及余热回收方法) China Patent Number: 201710078842.2, CN106838910 A.
  3. A Liquid Treatment Incinerator (一种废液焚烧炉及一种废液处理装置). China Patent Number: 201720132218.1.
  4. A Vertical Burning Furnace for Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment. China Patent Number: 201720132723.6, CN206478657 U.
  5. A Device for Tail Gas Treatment for Solid-and-Liquid Waste Incineration System(一种用于废固、废液焚烧系统的尾气处理装置). China Patent Number: 201720132733.X, CN 206500032 U.
  6. A Waste Solid Combustion Treatment Device (一种废固体燃烧处理装置). China Patent Number: 201720132726.X.

Professional Services:

  1. Invited Reviewer for Electronics (SCIE, IF=2.110) in Jan. 2019
  2. Oral Presentation, BRE Luncheon Research Seminar (The HK Polytechnic University), HK, 8 March 2018. Oral presentation on the topic of “Bright Building: The Application of Additive Construction in Urban Rehabilitation”.
  3. Oral Presentation, World Sustainable Built Environment Conference, HK, 5 June 2017. Oral presentation “The Application of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in Buildings for Electricity, Heating and Cooling Tri-generation Using Natural Gas or Bio-gas from Waste”