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Prachi Acharya


Prachi is a PhD candidate at the Cambridge University Centre for Risk in the Built Environment (CURBE) and a member of St John's College. Her research broadly studies construction processes adopted in low-income riparian communities in one of India's most flood-prone states. Her research is being supervised by Dr Emily So and advised by Professor Peter Guthrie

Prior to Cambridge, Prachi worked with architecture firms and organisations in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Eritrea engaged in disaster risk reduction. This included the United Nations Development Programme, Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium, Owner-led Development and Reconstruction Collaborative and the National Institute for Urban Affairs. 

Key Publications

Acharya, P. (2018) 'Building Regulation through the Capability Lens: A Safer and Inclusive Built Environment?' in Comim, F., Fennell, S., & Anand, P. (Eds.). New Frontiers of the Capability Approach. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Other institutional publications: 

Kumar, H., Sarkar, A., Panda, R.C. & Nath, M. (2015). Appropriate Technologies – Sustainable Livelihoods: Lessons for Disaster Resilient Construction in Odisha. In: ACHARYA, P. (ed.). New Delhi: United Nations Development Programme [Available online]

Vatsa, K. and ACHARYA, P. (2016). Disaster Recovery Framework for India. New Delhi: Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and United Nations Development Programme (also published in: World Bank (2015). Guide to Developing Disaster Recovery Frameworks: Sendai Conference Version. p.75 – 79 [Available online] 

ODR Collaborative (forthcoming). Guidelines on Owner-driven Housing and Habitat Recovery in India. In: ACHARYA, P. (ed.). New Delhi: ODRC

ACHARYA, P. (2014). Bridging Post-Disaster Humanitarian Needs and Development Efforts. Policy note for Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. World Reconstruction Conference, Washington DC, 2015

NIUA (2014). Housing and Sustainability. In Sustainable Social Housing Initiatives in India: Policy and Financial Assessment. New Delhi: National Institute of Urban Affairs