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Kan-chane Gunawardena ARB RIBA

Kan-chane Gunawardena, ARB RIBA

EPSRC doctoral student

Behaviour and Building Performance Group (BBP)

AKA Research Cluster 2

Climate change

Urban climate studies

Heat island effect

Green infrastructure

Urban cultivation

Surface greening strategies

Vertical greening

Living walls

Plant science

Key Publications

Gunawardena, K., & Steemers, K. (2018). Living walls in indoor environments. Building and Environment, 148, 478–487.

Gunawardena, K. R., Wells, M. J., & Kershaw, T. (2017b). Utilising green and bluespace to mitigate urban heat island intensity. Science of the Total Environment, 584–585, 1040–1055.

Gunawardena, K. R., Mccullen, N., & Kershaw, T. (2017a). Heat island influence on space-conditioning loads of urban and suburban office buildings. In Cities and Climate Conference 2017, Potsdam: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, pp. 1–13.

Gunawardena, K. R., & Kershaw, T. (2017). Urban climate influence on building energy use. In M. P. Burlando, Massimiliano; Canepa, Maria; Magliocco, Adriano; Perini, Katia, Repetto, ed., International Conference on Urban Comfort and Environmental Quality URBAN-CEQ, Genoa: Genoa University Press, pp. 175–84.

Gunawardena, K. R., & Kershaw, T. (2016). Green and blue-space significance to urban heat island mitigation. In S. Emmit & K. Adeyeye, eds., Integrated Design International Conference (ID@50), Bath: University of Bath.