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Jessie Fyfe

Jessie Fyfe

Jessie’s current field work concerns two Croatian landscapes that draw attention to the sense(s) in which 'unsettled' landscapes are 'layered': the means by which they resist a unified identity and instead invoke a gathering together of multiple and possibly divergent signs as a kind of 'distributed archive' with the locus of meaning and materiality not fixed in any one spatiotemporal moment or object but instead is interwoven with multiple extended senses of site/sight.


Jessie is a trained architect, Newnham College Scholar and PhD candidate in the Centre for Urban Conflict Research (UCR) at the University of Cambridge Department of Architecture. Her doctoral research ‘Unsettled Landscapes and Mediations of Memory: The Discursive and Material Capacities of Landscape in Post War Croatian Hinterlands’ is concerned with the 'unsettled' affective qualities discharged through these landscapes and their relationships or presumed relationships with traumatic memory. 

Jessie holds an MArch from Carleton University Canada, an MSc in Political Theory from the London School of Economics and a BA(Hons.) in Politics from Queen’s University in Canada. Jessie is the co-editor of the twenty-sixth issue of ‘Scroope’, The Cambridge Architecture Journal, on the theme of ‘Apologia’.

She has lectured on BA Tripos (ARB/RIBA Part I) courses including the second year undergraduate lecture series for ‘Gardens and Landscapes’ and individual lectures for the course in 'Twentieth Century Architecture'. She has also supervised BA Tripos courses in the department and final year BA dissertations. In June 2017 Jessie co-convened the UCR’s PhD and Early-Career Workshop ‘Doing Architectural Research: Socio-political Perspectives on Theories, Methodologies and Praxis’ held in the Department of Architecture.

Jessie has been a guest studio critic for undergraduate and graduate students in the architecture departments at the University of Cambridge, Westminster University, London and Carleton University, Canada. Previous to her studies in architecture Jessie worked on the Cambridge-Carnegie project on the Settlement of Self-determination Disputes at the Centre of International Studies in partnership with the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge.

Research Interests

Research Presentations, Lectures and Invited Talks

'Natural Monuments and Landscape Memorials', From Building to Continent: How Architecture Makes Territories, Centre for European Architecture and Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent. (June 2018)

'Topographia and Topothesia: Memory and Testimony in a Croatian Landscape', Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), Alchemical Landscape Seminar Series. University of Cambridge. (June 2018). 

'Landscape and Memory: A Biographic/Topographic Reading of a Clover Field in Croatia', Memorialization Unmoored: The Virtualization of Material Mediums of Social Memory'. Genocide Studies Program Yale University (March 2018).

'Appropriations of the Landscape: Legacies of Witness Testimony on Physical and Memorial Landscapes in Croatia', European Architectural History Network (EAHN), Histories in Conflict: Cities, Buildings, Landscapes. Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem (June 2017).

'Appropriation of the Landscape: Spatiality and Materiality of Memory in Croatia', Urban Conflict Research Centre PhD and Early-Career Workshop ‘Doing Architectural Research: Socio-political Perspectives on Theories, Methodologies and Praxis’. Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge (June 2017).

'Gender and Architecture', BA Tripos lecture Twentieth Century Architecture, University of Cambridge (March 2017).

'Reading Material and Memorial Landscapes in Witness Testimony', PhD Symposium, Newnham College, University of Cambridge (May 2017).

‘Legacies of Witness Testimony on Physical and Memorial Landscapes in Croatia’, Pudding Seminar Series, Newnham College, University of Cambridge (February 2017).

Topographia and Topothesia: Spatiality of Memory and the Croatian Archipelago’ Cambridge University, Department of Architecture, PhD Symposium (June 2016).

'Landscape and Memory: Croatian contexts’, PhD Presentation, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge, UK (October 2015).


  • BA Tripos (ARB/RIBA Part I) lecture series ‘Gardens and Landscapes’
  • BA Tripos (ARB/RIBA Part I) Gender and Architecture lecture in 'Twentieth Century Architecture' 
  • Final year BA dissertation supervision
  • BA Tripos supervision for 'Gardens and Landscapes' and 'Twentieth Century Architecture'