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Graduate Students

Nadi Abusaada
  • PhD Candidate in Architecture
  • Churchill College, University of Cambridge
  • Supervisor: Professor Wendy Pullan
M Wesam Al Asali
  • PhD Candidate in Architecture, Natural Material Innovation
Carla Al Hage
  • MPhil Architecture and Urban Studies
Tom Ardron
  • MPhil Architecture and Urban Design
Edward Barsley
  • Lead researcher on the EPSRC funded 'Retrofitting Resilience' Study.
  • Director of The Environmental Design Studio Ltd.
  • Creative Director of Small Acts of Kindness - Charitable Trust.
  • Special Advisor on Flood Risk in the South East to Greg Clark MP.
Benjamin Beach
  • MAUD student
Mark E Breeze
  • BA (Hons) | MA | MPhil | MArch | LEED AP | GCSD | NCARB | FRSA | AIA
  • Director of Studies, St. John's College, University of Cambridge
  • Researcher, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford
Joanna Burleigh
  • MAUD student
Charlotte Burrows
  • MAUD student
William Campion
  • MAUD student
Joseph Choma
  • PhD student
Angela Maria Franco Calderon
  • Architect, Specialist in Urban Planning and MSc in Sociology
  • Currently: PhD Student at U. of Cambridge
  • Supervisor: Dr. Felipe Hernandez
Tom Grillo
  • MAUD student
Kan-chane Gunawardena
  • Doctoral student with BBP
Wesley Hiatt
  • MAUS student
Stephanie Veanca Ho
  • BA(AS), MArch(Dist), The University of Hong Kong
  • MAUS Student, University of Cambridge
Clarissa Hoskison
  • Intern Architect at HKS, Inc.
  • MPhil Candidate (Architecture and Urban Studies)
Peter Howle
  • MAUD student
Michal Huss
  • PhD student
Ahmed El-Husseiny Hussein
  • Ahmed El-Husseiny
  • PhD Candidate in Architecture, Centre for Urban Conflicts Research
Rihab Khalid
  • PhD Candidate
Dan Li
  • PhD student
Xin Li
  • MAUS students
Yusi Luo
  • MAUS student
Nicoletta Michaletos
  • MAUD student
Ekaterina Mizrokhi
  • MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies
Dennis Mukuba
  • MAUS student
Benjamin Nourse
  • MPhil Architecture and Urban Design Student
James Matthew Nutt
  • MAUD student
PhD candidate Toby Parsloe
  • PhD candidate
  • Centre for Urban Conflicts Research
  • Pembroke College
Dena Qaddumi
  • PhD Candidate in Architecture
  • Centre for Urban Conflicts Research
Rukmini Raghu
  • MAUD student
Esther Rivas-Adrover
  • PhD candidate, Architecture, University of Cambridge, Murray Edwards College (New Hall), 2015 – 2021
  • Dip Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, 2005-2007
  • BA Hons Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, 2002-2005
Eric Wycoff Rogers
  • MAUS student
Jana Christina Schuster
  • PhD Candidate in Architecture
  • Supervisor: Dr James Campbell
Rowa Senan
  • MAUs student
Elliot Shaw
  • MAUD students
Marwa Shykhon
  • MAUD student
Sofia Anja Singler
  • MA (Cantab), MArch
  • PhD Candidate
Karin Templin
  • Year 3 Studio Master
Benjamin Thomas
  • MAUD student
Giulia Torino
  • Supervisor: Dr Felipe Hernández
  • Entry year: 2016/17
  • Title: [provisional] Race and the City: Colour-blindness, mestizaje, and the racialization of spatial justice in Bogotá’s urban/global periphery
Emma Twine
  • Graduate Researcher
Simon Wallington
  • MAUD students
Richard Ward
  • MAUD student
Jonathan Wood
  • MAUS student
Rebecca Woodward
  • MAUD student
Yue Ying
  • MAUS student