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Edward Barsley

Edward Barsley

Founder and Director of The Environmental Design Studio [TEDS]

Project lead on the EPSRC funded 'Retrofitting Resilience' Study.

Project lead on the ESRC funded 'Flood Narratives' Study.

Creative Director of the charity 'Small Acts of Kindness'.

Special Advisor on Flood Risk to Greg Clark MP.


Ed Barsley is a specialist in environmental design in Architecture with a particular interest on developing strategies to reduce flood risk and increase resilience in the built environment. Throughout his work, Ed is driven and inspired by the challenges of designing for climatic extremes. His current research is focused on developing new methods / tools for assessing and communicating flood risk as part of a PhD in Architecture at the University of Cambridge.


Ed has lived and worked in Copenhagen, Shanghai, and Colombo as well as throughout the UK. Ed received his undergraduate degree in Architecture at the University of Sheffield and a Masters in Environmental Design in Architecture at the University of Cambridge. He then went on to work for Baca Architects in London and helped to run parts of the TSB funded Climate Adaptive Neighbourhoods Research project which won the 2014 RIBA Presidents Medal for Research in Practice. During this time he also helped contribute to the book ‘Aquatecture’, released in 2016.

-Current Work-

In 2013 Ed founded 'The Environmental Design Studio' (TEDS), an award winning design research led consultancy which specialises in flood resilience & environmental design in Architecture. They work internationally on projects at a range of scales and use a pioneering design research methodology throughout our work, ensuring strategies are rigorously grounded, clearly communicated, and create enriching spaces and places. Their areas of expertise include;  Flooding, Overheating, Daylighting, Extreme Cold, Drought, Energy Efficiency, Earthquakes and Ergonomics.

In 2016 TEDS won the Sunday Times 'Resilient Home' competition with the 'Home for All Seasons'. 

Ed's current work involves:

- ​Running the RIBA's Core CPD on flooding nationwide with a seminar entitled: Designing for Flood Resilience: Tips for Architects & Designers

- ​Special advisor on flood risk to Greg Clark,Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industry Strategy

​- Developing a methodology for assessing the flood resilience of existing communities as part of a PhD in Architecture at the University of Cambridge (The Retrofitting Resilience Study)

- Project lead of the ERSC funded 'Flood Narratives' study

- Part of the Roundtable flood group.  

- Helping contribute to the forthcoming Code of Practice

- Writing a publication for the RIBA entitled - 'Retrofitting for Flood Resilience: A Guide to Building & Community Design'

Research Interests

Flood Risk and Resilience

Strategies for adaptation to Climate Change 

Environmental Design 

Communicating Risk and Resilience


Key Publications

From Surviving to Thriving: The Home for All Seasons:

Cambridge Research Horizons: 'Waterworld'