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Dimitra Dantsiou

Dimitra Dantsiou

Dimitra Dantsiou

Christ's College

PhD title: (De)constructing and transforming workplace practices: Feedback as an intervention


Dimitra is an architect and PhD candidate in the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge.  She has graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a Diploma in Architectural Engineering and later on she received her MPhil in Environmental Design in Architecture from the University of Cambridge.

In her PhD she investigates energy consumption and thermal comfort of building occupants focusing her research in the workplace setting. She is particularly interested in behavioural change and the potential of real-time consumption feedback as an efficiency measure. Her research employs both qualitative and quantitative methods using insights from social practice theory and thermal comfort field studies.

Dimitra has collaborated with international and European research projects, such as UNI-metrics and UserTEC, focusing on energy use from an end-user perspective in universities and domestic buildings. She has also been editor of 'Scroope: The Cambridge Architecture Journal' Issue 23, CRISIS. 

Research Interests

  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Workplace practises
  • Thermal comfort 
  • Behavioural change
  • Social practice theory


Dr. Minna Sunikka-Blank

Key Publications

Dantsiou, D. and Sunikka-Blank, M. (2015) Why does energy use feedback not work in workplaces? Insights from social practice theory, ECEEE 2015 Summer Study - First Fuel now, Toulon, France, 2227-2236

Gupta, R. and Dantsiou, D. (2013), Understanding the gap between ‘as designed’ and ‘as built’ performance of a new low carbon housing development in UK, Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, Vol. 22, 567-580

Sunikka-Blank, M., Chen, J., Dantsiou, D., Britnell, J. (2012), Sustainable Retrofit – understanding barriers to progress, community engagement and policy strategies for increase of take up by home owners and tenants, European Planning Studies, 20(1), 131-145


Dantsiou, D. (2015), 'Comfort, Control and Change: The potential of behavioural change as an energy efficiency tool', GreenBRIDGE Seminar, CRASSH, Cambridge, UK

Dantsiou, D. (2014), 'The potential of behavioural change as an energy efficiency measure in office buildings', Poster presentation at: BEHAVE Energy Conference 2014, Oxford, UK

Dantsiou, D. (2013), ‘Motivating individual emission cuts through communication’, Paper presentation at: CISBAT, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Dantsiou, D. (2012), ‘Carbon Reduction Strategies in the University and Colleges of Cambridge: Policy and Practice’, Presented at: International Symposium on Creation of Sustainable Campuses 2012, Sapporo, Japan