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David Elitzer

David Elitzer

Candidate for MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies (MAUS)


With an MSc in International Public Policy from UCL and a BA in Archaeology from Brown University, David takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the causes, effects, and solutions to cultural property destruction. He is currently researching the effect of the destruction of religious sites on urban communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1990s. He is also a co-founder of, a website promoting public literacy on US military issues. David is from New York City and is pursing graduate studies in the UK with the support of a Marshall Scholarship.

Research Interests

Cultural property destruction

Cultural property protection policy

Religious architecture in the Western Balkans

Just war theory

Archaeology of memory


Key Publications

2016. “Divine Kingship and the Steles of Nuska and Hammurabi,” Brown Classical Journal, vol 28, Brown University.

2015. Co-authored with Michael D Danti et al. “Special Report on the Importance of Palmyra,” ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives.

2015. Co-authored with Müge Durusu-Tanrıöver et al. “Scientific Testing of the Luristan Bronzes at the Haffenreffer Museum,” Contexts, vol 40, Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology.