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Benjamin Nourse

Benjamin Nourse

MPhil Architecture and Urban Design Student

Rural Architecture and Greenspace Design


BA (Hons) Kent School of Architecture - Graduated 2016

RIBA Branch Prize [Undergraduate Kent]

FARRELLS - 2016-2017

PURCELL - 2015

Research Interests

In 2017, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, stated that 300,000 new homes are required per year to alleviate the UK’s ‘Housing Crisis’. The primary issue with 'greenspace' in Essex is the perpetual expansion of residential developments into greenfield sites around the fringes of existing settlements and the creation of entirely new towns.

In response to the shrinkage of habitats, homogenisation of the Essex landscape, and the cultural and physical fragmentation of people and habitats, my research proposes the rearrangement and celebration of the North Essex rural landscape. My intention is to utilise my design/research to formulate a speculative proposal for a co-inhabited landscape based on the interdependence between nature and people, with the aim of improving ecology, public well-being, and general knowledge of biodiversity.