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Aisha Sobey

Aisha Sobey

PhD student

Lee Kuan Yew Scholar, Fitzwilliam College

Supervisor: Dr Emily So


I am currently studying for a PhD in Architecture, with a focus on smart cities as the intersection of technology, society and power. I hope to understand the possible changes to the way we live in the advent of technology and the data influx we are experiencing. I will be focussing on Singapore, as one of the world-leading technologically mediated Smart cities. I am using their approach the 'Smart' transformation to investigate the impact this is having on the lives of those who live there. My broad interests included the implications for equality, opportunity, privacy, human rights and quality of life, with my PhD focussed on the impact of the narrative surrounding technological advancements on the way citizens succeed and their mental wellbeing. I hope to be able to offer some lessons learnt, areas for consideration and best practice from Singapore, as the world increasingly moves towards merging the digital and urban.

My background lies in politics and the loci of power within structural systems. I originally read PPE at Queens University Belfast, graduating in 2016. My dissertation "Opening Pandora’s Box: An evaluation of Central Bank Independence in light of the Review of the Bank of England’s Mandate" followed from an internship at the Bank of England, and looked at structural power in the central banking system.

While I worked under the British Councils generation UK scholarship programme to intern in China, I spent time with an NGO who aimed to implement social change through arts and culture, where the importance of cyberspace as a medium of both expression and control became apparent. The intersection of technology and society captured my interest, which led into an MPhil in the Department of Politics in Cambridge, considering the implications of US power with the advent of cyberspace and a thesis titled "A structural analysis of the relationship between cyberspace and US authority."

My current focus on Singapore and Smart technology is the extension of this to also include physical-digital systems. If you have any input on this please do get in touch!

Research Interests

Smart Cities

Technology and Society 

Structural Inequalities



Key Publications