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Department of Architecture

The top architecture school’s (Guardian, 2014) Annual Exhibition, London, 11-16 July

Come and see the work of students from the “top architecture school” (according to the Guardian newspaper, see here and here). The student-run Architecture Society (ArcSoc) has planned, fundraised, designed and constructed the 2014 Summer Show.

The annual Architecture Summer Show is the culmination of a year’s design work in the Cambridge studios. For one week, we are bringing our show to London to offer an insight into our department and our work.

The Summer Show is a presentation of our work, from the initial explorations of first year to the final schemes of third and fifth years. The students at Cambridge form a close-knit yet diverse community within a relatively small department. Cambridge encourages an approach to design that is both academic and creative. As a result, our work is strongly grounded in context, drawing on a rigourous background of history and theory teaching and responding to the real-life demands and constraints of a site. Our work maintains a social focus and demonstrates the diversity that can arise from the particularities of an area.

Arcsoc is a wholly student-run and not-for-profit initiative. The exhibition is entirely planned, built and curated by the students and is financed by our fundraising work throughout the year.

During the week we will host an afternoon of free public lectures from contemporary practitioners and university academics, life drawing sessions and a day for prospective students. For more information please contact Max at

Open to the public from:

Friday 11 to Wednesday 16 July, 10am-6pm.

The exhibition will be at:

Testbed1, 33 Parkgate Road, London, SW11 4NP.