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Department of Architecture


 Edward Ng workshop 1        Edward Ng workshop 2

Prof. Edward Ng is an architect and Professor of Architecture from the School of Architecture, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). With his expertise in urban climate and urban design, he recently led a one-day workshop with a group of Masters and PhD students on Urban Climate Mapping. The workshop comprised of a series of talks, introducing the basics of Urban Heat Island (UHI), bio-meteorology and urban climatic for city planning, followed by hands-on mapping activities. Throughout the day, the students learnt the basics of making urban climate maps using simple graphics software. Edward also explained the procedure for making professional urban maps using GIS. The workshop stimulated lively discussions amongst the students on different strategies to mitigate UHI impact, as well as offered a unique opportunity for them to share experiences from their own cities. The day was concluded with a presentation of climatic maps prepared by the students.

Workshop organisers: Tania Sharmin and Villian Lo, PhD students from the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge.