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Department of Architecture

Irit Katz named as 2018 SAH/Mellon Author Award Winner for her book ‘The Common Camp'

The Common Camp explores the "temporary" camp as both a spatial entity and political unit in Israel-Palestine and beyond. While much has been written about the Palestinian refugee camps, Katz seeks to explore the camp as a concept across multiple sides and through the long history of territorial transformations and political struggles in Israel-Palestine over the past century. Chapters include Zionist settler camps, British colonial detention centers, Israeli transit camps for Jewish immigrants, military-civilian agricultural outposts, Bedouin unrecognized settlements, Palestinian refugee and protest camps, and detention camps for African asylum seekers. Katz uses the multifaceted history of Israel-Palestine to understand the camp as a conceptual instrument for spatial temporariness and management of specific populations outside the normal order.

Irit Katz is a Paul Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow; Course Tutor at the LSE Cities Programme; Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge; and Bye-Fellow and Director of Studies in Architecture, Girton College Cambridge.

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