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Downing College

Effect of the street-alleyway network upon pedestrian activities in the old city of Beijing 

Ye is an architect and urban designer currently undertaking a PhD research at University of Cambridge. He previously worked in a number of architectural and urban design projects in China including public buildings, private houses and master plan for county towns.

Ye is an overseas editor of the top Chinese architectural journal, 建筑学报 (Jian Zhu Xue Bao). He guest edited a special issue (No.01/2011) on the theme of Public Urban Space Design – Re-reflecting On the Experience of Copenhagen. In Sep 2011, he worked as the special correspondent for UIA2011 Tokyo, the 24th World Congress of Architecture and made major contributions to the special issue (No.10/2011) on this event.

Ye is also the co-founder of Min-Max-Cities Group at the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge and the co-convenor of the conference Minimum… or Maximum Cities which held discussions around urban future. He has a particular interest in urban public space and has published a number of relevant papers and articles in international journals and conferences.

Completion Date
September 2012

Koen Steemers

Not available for consultancy