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Title of thesis: Impacts Of Investing In Public Open Space: A longitudinal case study of Mimers Park, Copenhagen

This PhD thesis aims to seek out and examine whether investing in converting urban brownfields in order to create new public green spaces in densely populated inner-urban setting adds to the place capital (ie. combined place-based capitals). Furthermore, the thesis will seek out and examine ways to value such outcomes, and thus add to the body of research into the value of intangibles.

The recently inaugurated Mimers Park - created on the site of a decommissioned freight transfer goods yard - in Copenhagen's Nørrebro area, a dense and heavily socially unbalanced neighbourhood, has been singled out as the main case for a longitudinal study for this thesis (

This PhD study is part of a pool of elite research projects under the Industrial PhD Programme, a Danish Government Initiative, and thus jointly funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Danish Architecture Centre, and Gehl Architects who also serves as Industry Partner.

I hold an MA in Sustainable Urbanism (Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia) and a joint-BA(Hons) in Art History and English. I have also studied economics and communication.

Dr. Sebastian Macmillan, Director of the IDBE Programme, University of Cambridge (

Completion date
Lent term 2015

 Jesper  Eriksen
Not available for consultancy