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Department of Architecture



Main research interest
Domestic energy efficiency; occupant behaviour; city-scale energy policy
Guangying Ren, Minna Sunikka-Blank, Xingxing Zhang (2017). The influence of the variation in occupancy patterns on domestic energy simulation prediction: A case study in Shanghai. BS2017 Conference.
Song Pan, Xinru Wang, Yixuan Wei, Xingxing Zhang, Csilla Gal, Guangying Ren, Da Yan, Yong Shi, Jinshun Wu, Liang Xia, Jingchao Xie, Jiaping Liu (2017). Cluster analysis for occupant-behavior based electricity load patterns in buildings: A case study in Shanghai residences. Building Simulation. Springer.
Yeonsook Heo, Guangying Ren, Minna Sunikka-Blank (2016) Investigating an adequate level of modelling for energy analysis of domestic buildings. ASIM2016 Conference.

Not available for consultancy