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Before starting her studies at the University of Cambridge, she worked the Catholic University of Chile as an instructor (Thesis, 2nd year Studio, Experimental Prototypes) and coordinator of the master programmes (Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape). She also worked as an architect in small and medium scale projects. She graduated from the Catholic University of Chile with a Bachelor of Architecture (2001) and a Master in Architecture (2005). She received an MPhil in Architecture (2012) from the University of Cambridge. Her M.Arch Thesis was exhibited at the Architecture Biennial of Chile 2010, and was presented in different conferences. Her PhD is funded by Becas Chile Scholarship.


Elizabeth conducts research on housing in extreme situations using prefabricated and modular designs. She has studied diverse temporary settlements and for her Master's thesis she focused on Chilean mining settlements, localised at the Altiplane, Desert and Andes mountain range. After the earthquake that hit Chile in 2010, she analysed how prefab architecture used in mining, could provide fast and efficient solutions to solve the lack of housing after a disaster. However, these building systems showed that hardly suit the climatic and cultural needs of places in which they are inserted. In her MPhil in Architecture at Cambridge she carried out a research called "Transitional accommodation after disasters. The gap between transitional and permanent housing". The research presents a comparison of shelters built in the past decade, showing a tendency to develop universal prototypes centred on the short-term product, when long-term projects are needed.

Current research Her current research is based on the flexibility and adaptation of shelters after disasters. Modifications done by users on prefabricated solutions are studied, with the aim to define a set of design suggestions for future additions and changes.

Michael Ramage

Current affiliations

  • Eco-house initiative and Research Cluster. Researcher in transitional housing.
  • Scroope journal. Editorial Committe member.


Key publications: 
  • RAMAGE Michael, WAGEMANN Elizabeth. Relief for the Curriculum: Architecture Education and Disaster Recovery. Scroope Journal nº 22, 2013. Cambridge Architectural Journal. University of Cambridge.
  • ROSAS José, WAGEMANN Elizabeth. Profesión y disciplina. Una tensión posible de articular. CA nº 148: Profesión. Colegio de Arquitectos, Chile, Winter 2011.
PhD candidate
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 Elizabeth  Wagemann