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Department of Architecture



BA (hons) Architecture at Manchester School of Architecture, UK. 

Jesus College, University of Cambridge 


Reappropriating Modernism A comparative study in Algiers and Marseilles 

This study aims to examine modes of reappropriation in modernist developments, forming a comparative study between Marseilles and Algiers. Working with case studies this project will explore the interrelationship between the physical and sociopolitical city and understand the relation between material modernism and social progression.

Under French colonial rule cities such as Algiers were widely perceived as grounds to test forms of a modern ‘utopian’ city, such radical ideas near impossible to emplace in any European urban counterpart. These tests have had a huge impact on the development of Algiers post-independence, a lasting expression of the conflict between tradition and modernity. By drawing parallels between schemes in Algiers and Marseilles the study aims to reveal the effect of differing social and cultural climates on the developments and the modes of their reappropriation.

The project will draw together theoretical and design studies to develop an spatial and material dialogue between modernism and the vernacular. By examining the underlying theories of modernism on which developments were designed in parallel with the resultant modes reappropriation the study aims to explore the correlation between the vernacularisation of modernist design and urban resilience.

MPhil candidate
Jesus College
Not available for consultancy