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Department of Architecture


By Jasmine Low & Paol Kemp
(On behalf of Hikaru Nissanke and Jon Lopez, founders of OMMX and University of Cambridge Alumni)

Given the scarcity of affordable housing, an increasing number of people now find themselves living in shared accommodation well into their 30s. Private space has been compressed into an individual room and precipitated changes in how we interact with objects, buildings, and each other.
In this talk we will explore how design might embrace these changes and discuss how this context has shaped our practice.

Speaker's short bio:

OMMX build, draw, and write about architecture. We believe that architecture gives form to our collective desire to understand and express who we all are. It can construct intimate portraits of different communities, from individuals and families, to companies, landscapes, cities, and nations. OMMX is committed to this biographical process, to creating spaces that we can relate to and that help us relate to one another. We have served a broad mix of private, social, and public sector institutions, working on housing, private residences, galleries, offices, public spaces, festivals, exhibitions, and shops. Selected clients include the Royal Academy of Arts, English Heritage, the British Library, Clerkenwell Week, Naked House, and Marian Goodman Gallery.

Wednesday, 14 November, 2018 - 13:15 to 14:15
Event location: 
Lecture Room 1, Department of Architecture