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Department of Architecture


Hanna Baumann, Centre for Urban Conflicts Research, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

If we truly now inhabit an urbanised planet and an urban century, what does this mean for the city as a site of study and concern? From the flaneur to the subaltern, outsiders ‘looking in’ have played defining roles in the history of urban theory, while the edges, margins and outsides of urban life have come increasingly into focus for researchers. But if the bounds of the urban have exploded to a planetary scale, what then does the urban ‘inside’ come to mean? Who and what are included in our visions of and for the city and how do new mobilities of people, things, ideas, data and capital shape the various contours of the urban from the inside? Within and between cities, models of centres and peripheries still abound urban practice and research despite the blurriness and contestation around the spaces in question.

This year’s City Seminar Series will convene a range of thinkers to consider the people, spaces and processes that have the potential to redefine the established centres and foci of urban theory, research and power. It will draw on examples from across the world where new urban constellations of people and things are emerging that challenge our received notions of where the limits of the city lie, as well as the people and things that constitute their insides.

Tuesday, 31 October, 2017 - 17:30 to 19:00
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Department of Architecture