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Department of Architecture


Professor Giorgio Gianighian (Professor in Faculty of Architecture, IUAV University of Venice, Visiting Scholar, St John's College, University of Cambridge. Urban and architectural conservation specialist.)

The presentation aims to ascertain if the concept of sustainable development applies to the domain of heritage, and specifically to the city of Venice and its Lagoon. Can Venice be considered a sustainable heritage? To find an answer to this question, the planning tools brought about by local administrations are analysed together with the financing policies carried out by central government: have these instruments been useful for the conservation and life of the city? Moreover: which new (and old) threats endanger the city?

Professor Giorgio Nubar Gianighian (1944) studied (degree in 1970) and still studies architecture at IUAV in Venice and in the world. Inspired, as a student, by Eduardo Geliner and Egle Renata Trincanato, he fell in love with vernacular architecture in the Dolomites and in Venice. He learned that the grain of the historic city is made for the 90% of this kind of architecture, and he decided to study it in order to know and to conserve it. Consultant for several international bodies, he travels as much and as far as he can, trying to be of help to preserve the full heritage. He is Professor of Restoration at IUAV. He restored the Clock Tower in St Mark's Square in Venice (2006).

Wednesday, 12 June, 2013 - 13:15 to 14:15
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Classroom, Department of Architecture