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After completing six terms of study for the PhD degree you are required to give a 30 minute presentation (to include questions and discussion) of your work to the Director and Deputy Director of Graduate Studies, your supervisor and an additional specialist reviewer (to be nominated by your supervisor) if it is considered to be appropriate.  The presentation will be held in June if you are an October starter. 

Your presentation should be a concise summary of the research to date, explaining the main issues and argument of the dissertation, its contribution to the field of study, and noting questions and problems.   It should conclude with an outline of the proposed thesis, divided by chapters, and a proposed timetable for the final three terms of research.  

You are also required to submit your Year 2 Log Book for assessment at the presentation.  Your Log Book needs to be signed off by your Supervisor before you submit.  Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that this happens.

Your assessment team will produce a report following your presentation.

It is intended that this presentation will help you to structure your ideas, offer you feedback on your work, and encourage you to adhere to a reasonable timetable for completing your research and writing.

You will be invited to let the Graduate Office know the following at the beginning of your third term:

•  That you can attend the presentation, and, the title of your presentation/research

•  if you have any special requirements in relation to the presentation

• if you require further information