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Working Away from Cambridge: what you need to do and how to apply

In order to meet the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) requirements, immigration regulations and in order to be safe, the University needs to be able to report the whereabouts of all its graduate students.  If you are going away, please let your College Graduate Tutor, Supervisor and friends and family know.

If you are going away to undertake research work as opposed to a holiday and will be away for more than two weeks, you will also need to apply for leave to work away via CamSIS and complete the Faculty’s Risk Assessment Form.  The Risk Assessment Form needs to be uploaded to your application for leave to work away once it has been signed off by the Head of Department.

Please do not travel unless your leave to work away has been approved by the University.

It is really important that you think carefully about the risks to your safety and the measures you need to take to minimise these risks once at the destination.  Some destinations are not as safe as others.  You must seek travel advice from the Foreign Office before you make you make your plans.  You will also need to check for information whilst away.  Foreign travel advice is available from:

• If you wish to return home to write up your thesis you will need to apply to work away. In these instances you will not be required to submit a risk assessment or acquire insurance.

• When you have submitted your dissertation and are waiting for the outcome of your examination, you are not required to apply to work away for this period. If you are later notified that you are required to undertake further work to your dissertation, such as corrections, revisions etc. you are expected to apply to work away if not in Cambridge

• You do not need to apply to work away for short periods, such as attending conferences.

• Students are not able to apply to work away for the purpose of employment.  If you wish to take a period of employment you must apply to be removed from the Register.  For further information see:

• Applications are considered on a case by case basis and must have the support of your supervisor, Department, Degree Committee and College.  You must also seek the permission of your sponsor if you are funded by a sponsor.

• If you are granted permission to work away you are considered still to be under the active supervision of your Cambridge Supervisor unless alternative arrangements have been approved.

If you have any questions about working away email:

For information on working away, Tier 4 and how to apply see:

Download a copy of the Faculty’s Risk Assessment Form.