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Upcoming Issue



Order; Disorder – Scroope 27, The Cambridge Architecture Journal

 Order is the state in which everything is in its appropriate place, arranged in relation to a particular structure such as sequence, common consent or established rules. The desire for order has been salient in the theory and praxis of architecture and urban planning – aesthetic, structural, political, and social orders have been forced and reinforced, but also questioned and challenged, in the built environment for centuries.

 Much effort has been expended towards creating sets of values and rules that produce harmony, proportion and civility – the promises of order. Disorder, on the other hand, has been seen as a state of incompleteness, chaos or threat; to be ‘out of order’ is to be inappropriate or broken. Just as order can be sinister, can disorder be virtuous? What are the implications for buildings and cities if it is disorder, rather than order, that is desired? Is order necessarily related to control, or can it appear without conscious intervention? Are order and disorder inevitably a dichotomy, or is their relationship more nuanced?

 The upcoming issue of the Cambridge Journal of Architecture, Scroope 27, to be published in summer 2018, will present submissions that reflect on order and disorder in architectural and urban theory and practice. The issue seeks to question order and disorder and the implicit values they represent.

Call for Projects

To accompany the issue’s written articles, Scroope 27 seeks to publish a selection of architectural and urban projects that interrogate the themes of order and disorder. Both realised and unrealised projects, academic or professional, are welcome.

In addition to being published in Scroope 27, featured projects will be exhibited at the annual University of Cambridge Architecture Society (ArcSoc) Summer Show 2018.


Submission Guidelines

Submissions should include the following (items marked * are compulsory). Line drawings should be single-color, black-and-white; perspectives may include colour. Please use a standard metric architectural scale (e.g. 1:200, 1:50).

Please submit line drawings as .pdf files and perspectives as .pdf or .jpg files. Text should be sent as a .doc file.


*Plan/site plan






*Project title




*Project description (max. 50 words) – explain how the project relates to the theme of Order; Disorder

Please send submissions to by 7 January 2018. Successful contributors will be notified by 1 February 2018.

Selected projects will be asked to conform to a common line weight standard, which will be determined during the editing process. Authors may thus be asked to adjust the line weights in their submissions.