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Conference Proceedings Volume 3

Mouterde, R., The Stiffening System of Medieval Timberwork in the Cathedral of Saint Pierre de Poitiers

Neder, F., Flying House. Archaeology of the Construction of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House

Nikolinakou, M.A. and Tallon, A.J., New Research in Early Gothic Flying Buttresses

Orihuela, A., The Use of Wood in Morisco Houses in 16th Century Granada (Spain)

Orsel, E., Brickwork in Leiden: a Survey of Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Characteristics

Ortueta Hilberath, E. de, The National Devastated Regions Service in Tarragona: Building Techniques in House Rehabilitation

Palacios, J., The Gothic Ribbed Vault in Rodgrio Gil de Hontañón

Pearson, L., In the Latest London Style: Decorative Tile and Terracotta Exports by British Manufacturers, 1840-1940

Pedreschi, R., The Structural Behaviour and Design of Free-Standing Barrel Vaults of Eladio Dieste

Pelke, E., The Development of the Prestressed Concrete Bridge in Germany after World War II

Peñalver Martínez , M. J. and Maciá Sánchez, J.F., Underwater Construction in the 18th Century. The Royal Arsenal in Cartagena - an Extraordinary Case

Pepper, S. and Yeomans, D., Working Class Flats in the 1930s: Steel versus Concrete

Pieper, J. and Schindler, B.B., Concept and Reality. Different Technical Variations of the Geometrical Construction of Maulnes Castle

Powell, C.G., Genesis of a General Contractor: a Georgian Vernacular Builder Transformed

Quagliarini, E., Earth Constructions in the Marche Region (Italy): Building Techniques and Materials

Ranaweera, M. and Abeyruwan, H., Materials Used in the Construction, Conservation, and Restoration of Ancient Stupas in Sri Lanka

Ranzetta, K.E., The Dating of Tobacco Barns in St. Mary’s County, Maryland: Experimenting with the Archaeology of Architecture

Rimmer, J.A.E., A Re-assessment of the Use of Building Accounts for the Study of Medieval Urban Houses

Ringbom, A., Hale, J., Brock, F.,Heinemeier, J. and Lindroos, A., Mortar Dating in Medieval and Classical Archaeology

Riorden, E. H., A Hadrianic Theater at Ilion (Troy): a Paradigm Shift for Roman Building Practice and Its Aesthetic Aftermath

Roberts, T. J., Hodkin and Jones: a Legacy Cast in Stone? An Investigation into the Significance of Concrete in Domestic Buildings in Britain during the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Robinson, D., Traditional Becomes Modern: the Rise of Collegiate Gothic Architecture at American Universities

Rociola, G.F., The “Salt Landscape” of Margherita di Savoia. Traditional Characters and Technical Evolution of the Coastal Saltwork in Relation to the Development of the Settlement

Rodríguez-Camilloni, H., The Survival of Gothic Rib Vaulting in the Viceroyalty of Peru

Romba, K., Aesthetics and the Professional Identity of the Modern German Engineer

Rozhko, M.F.; posthumously edited and prepared by Rozhko, V.M. and Stachiw, M.O., Defining the Ninth to Thirteenth Century Fortress Tustan’: Building Archaeology of a Log, Cliff-Side Structure

Sagaydak, M., Building Archaeology of the Secular Architecture of the 10th – 11th Century Kyivan Rus’ Town

Sakarovitch, J., Construction History and Experimentation

Sanjurjo, A., The Vis Saint Gilles Quarrée or the Caracol De Emperadores Cuadrado: a Model Frequently Encountered in Spanish-French Architectural Treatises from the Modern Period

Sanjust i Latorre, C., The Construction of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes (Barcelona)

Sanna, A., Construction and Building Yard in an Autarchic “Company Town”

Schlimme, H., Construction Knowledge in Comparison: Architects, Mathematicians and Natural Philosophers Discuss the Damage to St. Peter’s Dome in 1743

Seraphin, M., The Influence of the German Railways on the Birth of Modern Timber Engineering

Sheppard, R.J., Standing in the Corn Field, Talking to the Walls, and Peeling Back the Layers: Using Fieldwork to Discover the Construction of Vernacular Architecture

Silva, M.E., Foreign Iron in Venezuelan Architecture: Modern Building Technologies at the End of Nineteenth Century

Simons, E., Life on the Edge: the Rock-Cut Dwellings of Kinver Edge

Soler Verdú, R., Alonso, A. and Martinez Boquera, A., The Eighteenth Century Brickwork Domes in Valencia

Stigliano, M., “The Trompe of the INCIS Building of Saverio Dioguardi, Mediterranean Architect of the XX Century”

Sturrock, N.S. and Lawson-Smith, P., The Grandfather of Air-Conditioning – the Work and Influence of David Boswell Reid, Physician, Chemist, Engineer (1805 – 1863)

Swenarton, M. C., Breeze Blocks and Bolshevism: Housing Policy and the Origins of the Building Research Station 1917-21

Taín-Guzmán, M., Fifteen Unedited Engraved Architectural Drawings Uncovered in Northwest Spain

Tamborero L., The “Vis Saint-Gilles”, Symbol of Compromise between Practice and Science

Tavares, A., The Effects of Concrete in Portuguese Architecture. The Moreira de Sá & Malevez Case (1906-1914)

Taylor, P., A Last Fling in Local Distinctiveness

Theodossopoulos, D., Technology and Geometry in the Design of Gothic Vaults in Britain

Thompson, N., A Study of Early Corrugated Iron Buildings in Rural Scotland

Tragbar, K., “De Hedificiis Communibus Murandis …” Notes on the Beginning of Building Regulations in Medieval Tuscany

Turnbull, J., The Architecture of Walter Burley Griffin: Concrete Applications

Tussenbroek, G. van, ‘To Provide the Old Church with Good Foundations to Prevent Subsidence’. Builders' Specifications in Amsterdam

Utrero Agudo, M.A., Reinforcement in Early Medieval Hispanic Architecture

Van de Vijver, D. R. E., “Mesurer la Solidité”. The Art of Measuring Buildings in Belgium, 1451-1960

Van den Hurk, J., Origins and Survival of Netherlandic Building Traditions in North America

Vignoles, M.J.P., Kiev Suspension Bridge. (1846 – 1853)

Voyatzaki, M., Construction History in the Architectural Curricula in Europe

Vries, D.J. de, Brickwork-Related Innovations in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century

Wells, C., Dendro-Dating the Domestic Architecture of Colonial Virginia: Exploring the Potential of Certainty

Wendland, D., A Flat Vault in the "Crac Des Chevaliers" and Some Considerations on the Development of Vault Geometry and Stereotomy in Mediaeval Masonry Structures in Syria

Wermiel, S. E., Norcross, Fuller, and the Rise of the General Contractor in the United States in the Nineteenth Century

Werner, G., John August Roebling – the Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge

Wetzk, V., Bridge Bearings – a Historical Survey

Wilkinson, D., The Significance of the Former Bryant & May Match Factory, Garston, Liverpool

Wood, J.J.B., The Defences at Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges: Some Observations on the Mechanics of the Late Roman Building Trade

Wouters, I., De Bouw, M. and Nieuwmeijer, G.G., Nineteenth-Century Iron Suspension Footbridges in Flanders (Belgium)

Yilmaz, E., Using Constructional Records as Alternative Sources for Historical Writing

Zotsenko, V., A Wooden Church of the Twelfth Century in Podil, Kyiv, Ukraine