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Conference Proceedings Volume 2

Session Papers (continued)

Franco, J. A., Valcárcel, J. P.,Freire, M. J. and Tarrío, S. B., Vaults and Other Constructive Singularities in the Monastery of San Martín Pinario

Friedman, D., Building Code Enforced Evolution in Early Skeleton Buildings

Gallo, E. See Emmanuelle, G., Jean Simon Bonnemain (1743-1830) and the Origins of Hot Water Central Heating

García, R., Concrete Folded Plates in the Netherlands

Gargiulo, M.R. and Bergamasco, I., The Use of Earth in the Architecture of Hassan Fathy and Fabrizio Carola: Typological and Building Innovations, Building Technology and Static Behaviour

Gasparini, D.A., The Prestressing of Structures: a Historical Review

Giacomini, L., The Management of Private Building Yards in Milan between 1550 and 1650: a History Reconstructed through Building and Supply Contracts

Giglio, A., The Decorative Use of Concrete in an “Other” Modernism: Italian Architecture of the Dodecanese (1912-1943)

Giustina, I., Tomasoni, E. and Giuriani, E., The Early Dome of Sant’Alessandro in Milan (1627): a First Study on the Behaviour of the Structural Core with Dome Resting on Four Free-Standing Pillars

Godier, P. and Tapie, G., The Contemporary French Model of Architecture and Construction Professions (1970-1990)

González Tascón, I., Bestué Cardiel, I. and Velázquez Soriano, I., The Organization of Building Work and Construction of Siphons in Roman Aqueducts in Hispania Link Not working

González, J.L., The Square Cube Law: from Vitruvius to Gaudi

Gonzalez-Longo, C., Giacomo Boni at the Museo Forense: Construction History as a Source for Architectural Innovation

Gouzouguec, S. and Rapin, T., Architecture in Paris in the Second Half of the14th Century. The Middle Ages Seen through the Eyes of Accountants

Graciani, A. G., Notes on ‘Tapia Walls’ in Seville (Spain) during the 16th Century in the Modern Age

Graf, F., History and Conservation of Contemporary Buildings. Curtain Wall Structures in Geneva (Switzerland) (1945-1975)

Grau, J. and García, J., Technological and Industrial Colonisation

Guardigli, L., Ildebrando Tabarroni Ingegnere. Construction in Bologna between the Two World Wars

Guerrero Vega, J.M. and Romero Bejarano, M., The Origins of the Wine House Architecture in Jerez de la Frontera. Analysis of the Bodegas Built in the Sixteenth and in the Seventeenth Centuries

Gulli, R. and Mochi, G., The Oblique Bridges in Italy

Guy, J., Building Construction Practice in the Colony of New South Wales from the Arrival of the First Fleet to the End of the Primitive Era and Its Influence in Later Time

Hahmann, L., How Stiff Is a Timber Curved Plank? Historical Discussions about Curved Plank Structures

Haseley, A., Masonry Construction in Olympia, Greece, during the Roman Imperial Period – Mapping, Classification and Dating

Heijden, J.J. van der, Visscher, H. and Meijer, F., Shifting Responsibilities in Building Control in the Netherlands: a Historical Perspective

Heres, B., The Iron Roof Trusses of the New Hermitage in St. Petersburg - Structural Survey, Analysis and Assessment of a Masterpiece of Structural Steelwork from the 1840s.

Heyman, J., Timber Vaults

Holton, A.B., The Working Space of the Medieval Master Mason: the Tracing Houses of York Minster and Wells Cathedral

How, C.I., Translated Tradition in the Portland Bay Settlement. Traditional Timber Framing Techniques in a Cultural Development - Some Features Revealed in the Steam Packet Inn, Portland, Victoria, Australia

Huerta, S. and Ruiz, A., Some Notes on Gothic Building Processes: the Expertises of Segovia's Cathedral

Hurst, L., The Rise and Fall of the Use of Bond Timbers in Brick Buildings in England

Iori, T., See Lori, T.

Isohata, H., Construction History in Education - Why and How It Should Be Learned

Izquierdo, S., International and Universal Exhibitions; Spanish Pavilions’ New Building Construction Techniques

Jackson, M.D., Kosso, C.,Marra, F. and Hay, R.L., Geological Basis of Vitruvius’ Empirical Observations of Material Characteristics of Rock Utilized in Roman Masonry

Janssen, J., On Construction in the Rise of Wage Labour 1349-1563

Jesús, A., Enrique, A. and Pepa, C., Historical Patents and the Evolution of Twentieth Century Architectural Construction with Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete

Jost, H.U., The Introduction of Reinforced Concrete in Switzerland (1890-1914) : Social and Cultural Aspects

Kahlow, A.Johann August Röbling (1806-1869): Early Projects in Context

Kazāks, V. and Kazāk, K., Development of a National Program for Identifying, Investigating and Preserving of ‘Endangered Handicrafts’

Kierdorf, A.Early Mushroom Slab Constructions in Switzerland, Russia and the U.S. A Study in Parallel Technological Development

Kurrer, K.E., On The Relationship between Construction Engineering and Strength of Materials in Gerstner's "Handbook of Mechanics"

Lancaster, L.C., Large Freestanding Barrel Vaults in the Roman Empire: a Comparison of Structural Techniques

Langenbach, R., Saga of the Half-Timbered Skyscraper: What Does Half-Timbered Construction Have to Do with the Chicago Frame?

Larson, N., Building a Stone House in Ulster County, New York in 1751

Lavigne, O., Tool Marks and Construction in Ancient Tanis

Lennie, L. and Banfill, P., A Heritage of Shops: an Investigation into the Evolution of Historic Shopfronts in Perth and Perthshire

Leslie, T., “Buildings without Walls”: Curtain Wall Development in Chicago Architecture of the 1890s

Lewis, M B, Puncheons and Dragons: Renaissance Carpentry and Semantics

López, G.M., Poleni´s Manuscripts about the Dome of Saint Peter’s

Lori, T., Engineers in Italian Architecture: the Role of Reinforced Concrete in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Louw, H., Greeks, Romans & Goths in an Age of Iron

Lynch, G. C. J., Watt, D. and Colston, B., An Investigation of Hand Tools Used for English Cut-and-Rubbed and Gauged Brickwork

Macdonald, A J, The Aestheticisation of the Steel Framework: the Contribution of Engineering to a Strand of Modern Architecture that Became Known as High Tech

Malvezzi, R., Alessandri, C. and Mallardo, V., On the Seismic Vulnerability of a Renaissance “Palace with Loggia”: a Limit Analysis Approach

Marconi, N., Machine and Symbol: the Erection of the Marian Column in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome (1613-1614) between Tradition in the Execution and Technical Progress

Marín-Palma, A., Trallero, A., López-Tercero, A. and García, E., The Ceiling Panelwork of the Hunters' Lounge in the Infantado Palace in Guadalajara

Martens, P., Construction and Destruction of Military Architecture in the Mid-16th-Century Low Countries: Some Observations on Labour Force

Mateus, J.M., The Science of Fortification in Malta in the Context of European Architectural Treatises and Military Academies

May, R., Paul Bonatz and the Search for an "Art-Form" for Motorway Bridges

Mende, M., The Crucial Impact of Improvements in Both Steelmaking and Rolling on 19th and Early 20th-Century Building Construction

Menghini, A.B., Building Traditions and Technical Innovations in the Mediterranean. Architecture in the 1930s in Apulia: Gaetano Minnucci’s Accademia Marinara in Brindisi

Mileto, C., Vegas, F. and
García, J.A., Stratigraphic Study of Hernando de Zafra Arab Baths in Granada (Spain)

Miquel, M., Montero, E. and
Serra, A., Factors of Technical Innovation in Valencian Architecture during the Medieval and Modern Ages: Learning, Know-How and Inspiring Admiration

Mislin, M., The Planning and Building Process of Two Paris Bridges in the 16th and 17th Century

Mongelli, A., A New Wood Roofing System: Marac’s Barracks and Colonel Armand Rose Emy’s Innovative Supply

Monni, G., Traditional and Modern Building Materials. Autarkical Lodging Houses in Carbonia.

Montemurro, M., The Operating Tradition of the Compagnonnage du Devoir du Tour de France

Mornati, S., The Montecatini Building in Milan: an Original Union between Internationalism and Italian Constructivist Traditions