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Complete Conference Proceedings (by author)

Keynote Lectures

Carvais, R. and Nègre, V. The Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers and the Preservation, Dissemination and Innovation of Construction Know-How (1794-1971)

Clarke, L. and Wall, C., Omitted from History: Women in the Building Trades

Giron, F.J., Drawing And Construction Analysis: from Piranesi to Choisy

Ochsendorf, J.A., Engineering Analysis for Construction History: Opportunities and Perils

Session Papers

Abbate, F., The Planning and Building Instruments of Architects in the Late Middle Ages

Addis, B., The Use of Scientific Calculations in Design Procedures for Heating, Ventilation, Daylighting and Acoustics from the Eighteenth Century to the Mid-twentieth Century

Alonso, P.I., Diagrams of a Universal System of Construction in the Work of Konrad Wachsmann: between Representation and Technology

Amici, C., The Basilica of Maxentius in Rome: Innovative Solutions in the Organisation of Construction Process

Anaya, J., Azpilicueta, E. and
Casinello, P., see Jesús, A., Enrique, A. and Pepa, C. below

Antuña, J., The Evolution of the Eduardo Torroja Work’s: Shells with Reinforcement Rings or without

Arce, I., Umayyad Arches, Vaults & Domes: Merging and Re-Creation. Contributions to Early Islamic Construction History

Arciniega, L., Juliana, D. and Trescolí, O., Representation of Architecture in Hispanic Construction during the Modern Age

Arellano, J.F., Earthen Industrial Buildings In The Canal Of Castilla, Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries

Bachmann, M., Divine Staging. The Civil Engineering Peculiarities of the Hittite Spring Sanctuary Eflatun Pınar

Baker, N. and Agapio, A., The Production Cycles of the Scottish Construction Industry, 1802-2002

Bardati, F., A Building Site in Early Sixteenth-Century Normandy: the Castle of Gaillon. Organization, Workers, Materials and Technologies

Barthel, R., Maus, H. and Jagfeld, M., Artistry and Ingenuity of Gothic Vaults at the Example of St. Georg in Nördlingen

Beckh, M., Traditional Construction Techniques of the Newars at the Example of Itum Baha Monastery in Kathmandu

Bernabeu Larena, J., The Iron-Wood Composite Section of the Carrousel Bridge in Paris (1834)

Bernabeu, A., Origin of the Collaboration between Engineers and Architects in Great Britain in the Thirties

Bertels, I., The Contractors’ Intellectual Profile: Knowledge and Training of Nineteenth-Century Public Works’ Contractors in 19th Century Antwerp, Belgium

Bertoncini-Sabatini, P., Antoine Chrysostôme Quatremère de Quincy (1755-1849) and the Rediscovery of Polychromy in Grecian Architecture: Colour Techniques and Archaeological Research in the Pages of "Olympian Zeus."

Bodolec, C., Uncommon Public Buildings with Vault with Abutments in the Chinese Landscape of Wooden Construction (Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries)

Brucculeri, A., Renewal and Tradition in the Teaching of Building Construction in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris: the Course of Edouard Arnaud, 1920-1934

Buonopane, S. G., The Roeblings and the Stayed Suspension Bridge: Its Development and Propagation in 19th Century United States

Bustamante, R., Similarities and Differences in Barrel Vaults of Traditional and Stately Houses in the Historic Centre of Arequipa, Perú

Calderini, C., Canziani, A., Lagomarsino, S. and Pittaluga, D., Structural Framework Evolution from the 17th to 20th Century in the Genoa Republic’s Shipyard. Architectural Archaeology Investigates the Layers of the Structure

Calvo López, J., Sixteenth-Century Spanish Cranes and Lázaro de Velasco’s Translation of Vitruvius

Camino, S., Llorente, A., Jové, F. and Sánchez, F., The Subsoil Network of Bridges and Vaults which Cover the Esgueva River Crossing the Town of Valladolid, Spain.

Campa, M.R., “Le Nouvelles Inventions pour Bien Bastir et a Petits Fraiz” by Philibert de l’Orme: a New Way to Conceive Wood Roof Covering

Cano de Gardoqui García, J.L., Juan Bautista de Toledo, Architect and Master Builder at the Monastery of El Escorial

Cantabene, G. , Dodaro, L. and Lippiello, M., “The Repairs to the Dome of the Chapel of St. Gennaro’s Treasure”: an Eighteenth Century Dispute between F. Sanfelice and G. Lucchese

Caston, P., Historic Roof Trusses between 1500 and 1700 in German-Speaking Central Europe: Documentation, Analysis and Development

Ceraldi, C., Ermolli, E.R. and Tempone, V., The Riding School in the Royal Palace of Naples: Transformations in the Timber Covering Structure

Cerutti Fusco, A., Giuseppe Venturoli (1768 - 1846) Hydraulic Engineer in the Papal State

Chamorro, M.A. and Cuenca, B., Ignasi Bosch Reitg (1910 - 1985). The Construction of Brick Vaults during the Post-War Period

Chieti, V., The Role of the Tridimensional Virtual Model in the “Replica” Project of Architectural Elements: the Case of Athenian Neoclassic Academy by Th. Hansen

Chiou, B-S, Traditional Master Carpenter’s Manuals in Taiwan

Chrimes, M., British and Irish Civil Engineers in the Development of Argentina in the Nineteenth Century

Cipriani, B. and Lau, W.W., Construction Techniques in Medieval Cairo: the Domes of Mamluk Mausolea (1250 A.D.-1517A.D.)

Clarke, J., Cones, Not Domes: John Nash and Regency Structural Innovation

Cleary, R., Lessons in Tenuity: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Bridges

Como, M., Conforto, M.L., Ianniruberto, U. and Coccia, S., Historical Static Analysis of the Coliseum

Como, M.T., Analysis of the Statics of the Mycenaean Tholoi

Conchon, A., Road Construction in Eighteenth Century France

Condorelli, S., The Reconstruction of Catania after the Earthquake of 1693

Copani, P., Ancient Wooden Roofs in Sicily: The Heritage of Taormina

Corradi, M., A Short Account of the History of Structural Dynamics between the 19th and 20th Centuries

Cossu, G.P., Technologies in Comparison. Glass Tube Production, Project and Implementation: from the SC Johnson & Son’s Research Laboratory Tower by Wright to Today’s Experimentations

Croizé, J.C., A Time When France Chose to Use Prefabricated Panel Construction Systems: the “4 000 Logements de la Région Parisienne” Programme (1952-1958)

Cross-Rudkin, P., Centres for Large Span Masonry Arch Bridges in Britain to 1833

D’Amato Guerrieri, C. and Fallacara, G., Helicoidal Construction Geometry and Oblique Architectural Arrangement. The Spiral Staircase of the Belvedere and the Argument between de l’Orme and Bramante: Digital Models Compared

Dahmen, J., Moorish Bridges of Andalucia

De Villanueva, L. and Vela, F., The Horseshoe Arch in Toledo

Defilippis, F., Architecture and Stereotomy. The Relation between “Construction Apparatus” and “Decorative Apparatus” in the Cut-Stone Vaults and Domes of Philibert de l’Orme and Andrés de Vandelvira

Delemontey, Y., The MRU Experimental Building Competitions (1947-1951): the Birth of Industrialised Building in France

Durbin, L., Nineteenth Century Tiles. Industrial Mass Production and Construction Methods of Interior Tile Schemes in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Durmuş Arsan, Z., The Use of Saint-Gobain Glass Roof Tile in New Urban Districts of Turn-of-the-Century Izmir

Eggemann, H., Simplified Design of Composite Columns – Based on a Comparative Study on the Development of Building Regulations in Germany and the United States

Emmanuelle, G., Jean Simon Bonnemain (1743-1830) and the Origins of Hot Water Central Heating

Ewen, S., The Problem of Fire in Nineteenth Century British Cities: the Case of Glasgow

Fallacara, G., Digital Stereotomy and Topological Transformations: Reasoning about Shape Building

Fedorov, S.G., Construction History in the Soviet Union - Russia: 1930-2005 Emergence, Development and Disappearance of a Technical Discipline

Ficarelli, L., Town Morphology: the Relationship between Form and Building. Preservation and Recovery of Dwelling Houses in Historical Centres and in Particular the Double-Reservoir Building Type of Corato (Bari)

Fleury, F. and Lacroix, A., Analysis of the Sub-Rafter (Sous-Arbalétrier) in French Medieval Timberworks

Fontana, L., Molding Earth Outline: Typology, Technology and Morphology of Earth BuildingFranco, J. A., Valcárcel, J. P.,Freire, M. J. and Tarrío, S. B., Vaults and Other Constructive Singularities in the Monastery of San Martín Pinario

Friedman, D., Building Code Enforced Evolution in Early Skeleton Buildings

Gallo, E. See Emmanuelle, G., Jean Simon Bonnemain (1743-1830) and the Origins of Hot Water Central Heating

García, R., Concrete Folded Plates in the Netherlands

Gargiulo, M.R. and Bergamasco, I., The Use of Earth in the Architecture of Hassan Fathy and Fabrizio Carola: Typological and Building Innovations, Building Technology and Static Behaviour

Gasparini, D.A., The Prestressing of Structures: a Historical Review

Giacomini, L., The Management of Private Building Yards in Milan between 1550 and 1650: a History Reconstructed through Building and Supply Contracts

Giglio, A., The Decorative Use of Concrete in an “Other” Modernism: Italian Architecture of the Dodecanese (1912-1943)

Giustina, I., Tomasoni, E. and Giuriani, E., The Early Dome of Sant’Alessandro in Milan (1627): a First Study on the Behaviour of the Structural Core with Dome Resting on Four Free-Standing Pillars

Godier, P. and Tapie, G., The Contemporary French Model of Architecture and Construction Professions (1970-1990)

González Tascón, I., Bestué Cardiel, I. and Velázquez Soriano, I., The Organization of Building Work and Construction of Siphons in Roman Aqueducts in Hispania Link Not working

González, J.L., The Square Cube Law: from Vitruvius to Gaudi

Gonzalez-Longo, C., Giacomo Boni at the Museo Forense: Construction History as a Source for Architectural Innovation

Gouzouguec, S. and Rapin, T., Architecture in Paris in the Second Half of the14th Century. The Middle Ages Seen through the Eyes of Accountants

Graciani, A. G., Notes on ‘Tapia Walls’ in Seville (Spain) during the 16th Century in the Modern Age

Graf, F., History and Conservation of Contemporary Buildings. Curtain Wall Structures in Geneva (Switzerland) (1945-1975)

Grau, J. and García, J., Technological and Industrial Colonisation

Guardigli, L., Ildebrando Tabarroni Ingegnere. Construction in Bologna between the Two World Wars

Guerrero Vega, J.M. and Romero Bejarano, M., The Origins of the Wine House Architecture in Jerez de la Frontera. Analysis of the Bodegas Built in the Sixteenth and in the Seventeenth Centuries

Gulli, R. and Mochi, G., The Oblique Bridges in Italy

Guy, J., Building Construction Practice in the Colony of New South Wales from the Arrival of the First Fleet to the End of the Primitive Era and Its Influence in Later Time

Hahmann, L., How Stiff Is a Timber Curved Plank? Historical Discussions about Curved Plank Structures

Haseley, A., Masonry Construction in Olympia, Greece, during the Roman Imperial Period – Mapping, Classification and Dating

Heijden, J.J. van der, Visscher, H. and Meijer, F., Shifting Responsibilities in Building Control in the Netherlands: a Historical Perspective

Heres, B., The Iron Roof Trusses of the New Hermitage in St. Petersburg - Structural Survey, Analysis and Assessment of a Masterpiece of Structural Steelwork from the 1840s.

Heyman, J., Timber Vaults

Holton, A.B., The Working Space of the Medieval Master Mason: the Tracing Houses of York Minster and Wells Cathedral

How, C.I., Translated Tradition in the Portland Bay Settlement. Traditional Timber Framing Techniques in a Cultural Development - Some Features Revealed in the Steam Packet Inn, Portland, Victoria, Australia

Huerta, S. and Ruiz, A., Some Notes on Gothic Building Processes: the Expertises of Segovia's Cathedral

Hurst, L., The Rise and Fall of the Use of Bond Timbers in Brick Buildings in England

Iori, T., See Lori, T.

Isohata, H., Construction History in Education - Why and How It Should Be Learned

Izquierdo, S., International and Universal Exhibitions; Spanish Pavilions’ New Building Construction Techniques

Jackson, M.D., Kosso, C.,Marra, F. and Hay, R.L., Geological Basis of Vitruvius’ Empirical Observations of Material Characteristics of Rock Utilized in Roman Masonry

Janssen, J., On Construction in the Rise of Wage Labour 1349-1563

Jesús, A., Enrique, A. and Pepa, C., Historical Patents and the Evolution of Twentieth Century Architectural Construction with Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete

Jost, H.U., The Introduction of Reinforced Concrete in Switzerland (1890-1914) : Social and Cultural Aspects

Kahlow, A.Johann August Röbling (1806-1869): Early Projects in Context

Kazāks, V. and Kazāk, K., Development of a National Program for Identifying, Investigating and Preserving of ‘Endangered Handicrafts’

Kierdorf, A.Early Mushroom Slab Constructions in Switzerland, Russia and the U.S. A Study in Parallel Technological Development

Kurrer, K.E., On The Relationship between Construction Engineering and Strength of Materials in Gerstner's "Handbook of Mechanics"

Lancaster, L.C., Large Freestanding Barrel Vaults in the Roman Empire: a Comparison of Structural Techniques

Langenbach, R., Saga of the Half-Timbered Skyscraper: What Does Half-Timbered Construction Have to Do with the Chicago Frame?

Larson, N., Building a Stone House in Ulster County, New York in 1751

Lavigne, O., Tool Marks and Construction in Ancient Tanis

Lennie, L. and Banfill, P., A Heritage of Shops: an Investigation into the Evolution of Historic Shopfronts in Perth and Perthshire

Leslie, T., “Buildings without Walls”: Curtain Wall Development in Chicago Architecture of the 1890s

Lewis, M B, Puncheons and Dragons: Renaissance Carpentry and Semantics

López, G.M., Poleni´s Manuscripts about the Dome of Saint Peter’s

Lori, T., Engineers in Italian Architecture: the Role of Reinforced Concrete in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Louw, H., Greeks, Romans & Goths in an Age of Iron

Lynch, G. C. J., Watt, D. and Colston, B., An Investigation of Hand Tools Used for English Cut-and-Rubbed and Gauged Brickwork

Macdonald, A J, The Aestheticisation of the Steel Framework: the Contribution of Engineering to a Strand of Modern Architecture that Became Known as High Tech

Malvezzi, R., Alessandri, C. and Mallardo, V., On the Seismic Vulnerability of a Renaissance “Palace with Loggia”: a Limit Analysis Approach

Marconi, N., Machine and Symbol: the Erection of the Marian Column in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome (1613-1614) between Tradition in the Execution and Technical Progress

Marín-Palma, A., Trallero, A., López-Tercero, A. and García, E., The Ceiling Panelwork of the Hunters' Lounge in the Infantado Palace in Guadalajara

Martens, P., Construction and Destruction of Military Architecture in the Mid-16th-Century Low Countries: Some Observations on Labour Force

Mateus, J.M., The Science of Fortification in Malta in the Context of European Architectural Treatises and Military Academies

May, R., Paul Bonatz and the Search for an "Art-Form" for Motorway Bridges

Mende, M., The Crucial Impact of Improvements in Both Steelmaking and Rolling on 19th and Early 20th-Century Building Construction

Menghini, A.B., Building Traditions and Technical Innovations in the Mediterranean. Architecture in the 1930s in Apulia: Gaetano Minnucci’s Accademia Marinara in Brindisi

Mileto, C., Vegas, F. and
García, J.A., Stratigraphic Study of Hernando de Zafra Arab Baths in Granada (Spain)

Miquel, M., Montero, E. and
Serra, A., Factors of Technical Innovation in Valencian Architecture during the Medieval and Modern Ages: Learning, Know-How and Inspiring Admiration

Mislin, M., The Planning and Building Process of Two Paris Bridges in the 16th and 17th Century

Mongelli, A., A New Wood Roofing System: Marac’s Barracks and Colonel Armand Rose Emy’s Innovative Supply

Monni, G., Traditional and Modern Building Materials. Autarkical Lodging Houses in Carbonia.

Montemurro, M., The Operating Tradition of the Compagnonnage du Devoir du Tour de France

Mornati, S., The Montecatini Building in Milan: an Original Union between Internationalism and Italian Constructivist TraditionsMouterde, R., The Stiffening System of Medieval Timberwork in the Cathedral of Saint Pierre de Poitiers

Neder, F., Flying House. Archaeology of the Construction of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House

Nikolinakou, M.A. and Tallon, A.J., New Research in Early Gothic Flying Buttresses

Orihuela, A., The Use of Wood in Morisco Houses in 16th Century Granada (Spain)

Orsel, E., Brickwork in Leiden: a Survey of Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Characteristics

Ortueta Hilberath, E. de, The National Devastated Regions Service in Tarragona: Building Techniques in House Rehabilitation

Palacios, J., The Gothic Ribbed Vault in Rodgrio Gil de Hontañón

Pearson, L., In the Latest London Style: Decorative Tile and Terracotta Exports by British Manufacturers, 1840-1940

Pedreschi, R., The Structural Behaviour and Design of Free-Standing Barrel Vaults of Eladio Dieste

Pelke, E., The Development of the Prestressed Concrete Bridge in Germany after World War II

Peñalver Martínez , M. J. and Maciá Sánchez, J.F., Underwater Construction in the 18th Century. The Royal Arsenal in Cartagena - an Extraordinary Case

Pepper, S. and Yeomans, D., Working Class Flats in the 1930s: Steel versus Concrete

Pieper, J. and Schindler, B.B., Concept and Reality. Different Technical Variations of the Geometrical Construction of Maulnes Castle

Powell, C.G., Genesis of a General Contractor: a Georgian Vernacular Builder Transformed

Quagliarini, E., Earth Constructions in the Marche Region (Italy): Building Techniques and Materials

Ranaweera, M. and Abeyruwan, H., Materials Used in the Construction, Conservation, and Restoration of Ancient Stupas in Sri Lanka

Ranzetta, K.E., The Dating of Tobacco Barns in St. Mary’s County, Maryland: Experimenting with the Archaeology of Architecture

Rimmer, J.A.E., A Re-assessment of the Use of Building Accounts for the Study of Medieval Urban Houses

Ringbom, A., Hale, J., Brock, F.,Heinemeier, J. and Lindroos, A., Mortar Dating in Medieval and Classical Archaeology

Riorden, E. H., A Hadrianic Theater at Ilion (Troy): a Paradigm Shift for Roman Building Practice and Its Aesthetic Aftermath

Roberts, T. J., Hodkin and Jones: a Legacy Cast in Stone? An Investigation into the Significance of Concrete in Domestic Buildings in Britain during the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Robinson, D., Traditional Becomes Modern: the Rise of Collegiate Gothic Architecture at American Universities

Rociola, G.F., The “Salt Landscape” of Margherita di Savoia. Traditional Characters and Technical Evolution of the Coastal Saltwork in Relation to the Development of the Settlement

Rodríguez-Camilloni, H., The Survival of Gothic Rib Vaulting in the Viceroyalty of Peru

Romba, K., Aesthetics and the Professional Identity of the Modern German Engineer

Rozhko, M.F.; posthumously edited and prepared by Rozhko, V.M. and Stachiw, M.O., Defining the Ninth to Thirteenth Century Fortress Tustan’: Building Archaeology of a Log, Cliff-Side Structure

Sagaydak, M., Building Archaeology of the Secular Architecture of the 10th – 11th Century Kyivan Rus’ Town

Sakarovitch, J., Construction History and Experimentation

Sanjurjo, A., The Vis Saint Gilles Quarrée or the Caracol De Emperadores Cuadrado: a Model Frequently Encountered in Spanish-French Architectural Treatises from the Modern Period

Sanjust i Latorre, C., The Construction of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes (Barcelona)

Sanna, A., Construction and Building Yard in an Autarchic “Company Town”

Schlimme, H., Construction Knowledge in Comparison: Architects, Mathematicians and Natural Philosophers Discuss the Damage to St. Peter’s Dome in 1743

Seraphin, M., The Influence of the German Railways on the Birth of Modern Timber Engineering

Sheppard, R.J., Standing in the Corn Field, Talking to the Walls, and Peeling Back the Layers: Using Fieldwork to Discover the Construction of Vernacular Architecture

Silva, M.E., Foreign Iron in Venezuelan Architecture: Modern Building Technologies at the End of Nineteenth Century

Simons, E., Life on the Edge: the Rock-Cut Dwellings of Kinver Edge

Soler Verdú, R., Alonso, A. and Martinez Boquera, A., The Eighteenth Century Brickwork Domes in Valencia

Stigliano, M., “The Trompe of the INCIS Building of Saverio Dioguardi, Mediterranean Architect of the XX Century”

Sturrock, N.S. and Lawson-Smith, P., The Grandfather of Air-Conditioning – the Work and Influence of David Boswell Reid, Physician, Chemist, Engineer (1805 – 1863)

Swenarton, M. C., Breeze Blocks and Bolshevism: Housing Policy and the Origins of the Building Research Station 1917-21

Taín-Guzmán, M., Fifteen Unedited Engraved Architectural Drawings Uncovered in Northwest Spain

Tamborero L., The “Vis Saint-Gilles”, Symbol of Compromise between Practice and Science

Tavares, A., The Effects of Concrete in Portuguese Architecture. The Moreira de Sá & Malevez Case (1906-1914)

Taylor, P., A Last Fling in Local Distinctiveness

Theodossopoulos, D., Technology and Geometry in the Design of Gothic Vaults in Britain

Thompson, N., A Study of Early Corrugated Iron Buildings in Rural Scotland

Tragbar, K., “De Hedificiis Communibus Murandis …” Notes on the Beginning of Building Regulations in Medieval Tuscany

Turnbull, J., The Architecture of Walter Burley Griffin: Concrete Applications

Tussenbroek, G. van, ‘To Provide the Old Church with Good Foundations to Prevent Subsidence’. Builders' Specifications in Amsterdam

Utrero Agudo, M.A., Reinforcement in Early Medieval Hispanic Architecture

Van de Vijver, D. R. E., “Mesurer la Solidité”. The Art of Measuring Buildings in Belgium, 1451-1960

Van den Hurk, J., Origins and Survival of Netherlandic Building Traditions in North America

Vignoles, M.J.P., Kiev Suspension Bridge. (1846 – 1853)

Voyatzaki, M., Construction History in the Architectural Curricula in Europe

Vries, D.J. de, Brickwork-Related Innovations in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century

Wells, C., Dendro-Dating the Domestic Architecture of Colonial Virginia: Exploring the Potential of Certainty

Wendland, D., A Flat Vault in the "Crac Des Chevaliers" and Some Considerations on the Development of Vault Geometry and Stereotomy in Mediaeval Masonry Structures in Syria

Wermiel, S. E., Norcross, Fuller, and the Rise of the General Contractor in the United States in the Nineteenth Century

Werner, G., John August Roebling – the Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge

Wetzk, V., Bridge Bearings – a Historical Survey

Wilkinson, D., The Significance of the Former Bryant & May Match Factory, Garston, Liverpool

Wood, J.J.B., The Defences at Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges: Some Observations on the Mechanics of the Late Roman Building Trade

Wouters, I., De Bouw, M. and Nieuwmeijer, G.G., Nineteenth-Century Iron Suspension Footbridges in Flanders (Belgium)

Yilmaz, E., Using Constructional Records as Alternative Sources for Historical Writing

Zotsenko, V., A Wooden Church of the Twelfth Century in Podil, Kyiv, Ukraine