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Yiting Pan

Yiting Pan

Yiting Pan

Homerton College

Research Area: Building construction in Shanghai 1840-1937

Supervisor: Dr James Campbell


Yiting Pan is a PhD candidate in the Architectural Department at the University of Cambridge, UK (2011-now). Her interest includes construction history, heritage conservation and design. She finished herB.Eng. in Conservation of Hisotoric Architecture from Tongji University (China), with Shanghai Graduate Award (2008); and with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) Scholarship, a M.Sc. in Architecture  with 110 cum Laude (113/110) from Politecnico di Milano, Italy(2010). She completed her internship of architectural practice in Studio Albori in Milan in 2010.

Research Interests

Building construction history, building conservation, architectural design

Key Publications

Pan Yiting, and J. W.P. Campbell, 'The influence of English books on building construction on early 20th century Chinese building manuals',  in Studies in the History of Construction: The Proceedings of the Second Conference of the Construction History Society, Queens’ College, Cambridge, 20-21 March 2015, ed. by J. Campbell, W. Andrews, A. Boyington, G.Byng, A. DeDonato, K. Draper, pp.33-42. (ISBN: 978-0-9928751-1-4) 

Pan Yiting, and J. W.P. Campbell, 'Timber supply in colonial China 1840-1940',  in Proceeding of the First Conference of the Construction History Society, Queens’ College, Cambridge, 11-12 April 2014,  Exeter:  Short Run Press, ed. by J. Campbell, W. Andrews, N. Bill, K. Draper, P. Fleming, Y. Pan, pp.323-332. (ISBN: 978-0-9928751-0-7)

Pan Yiting, 'The smarter city in our mind', in  Re-starting from Quarto Oggiaro, Milan. Toward a new kind of smart city, ed. by Luca MF Fabris, Maggioli Editore, Santarcangelo di Romagna (I), 2014, pp.42-50. (ISBN 9788838762819)

Pan Yiting, 'Yincang zai xishi limian beihou de jianzao shi: Jiyu 1851 nian yingshi jianzhu shigong jishi de an'li yanjiu [隐藏在西式立面背后的建造史:基于1851年英式建筑施工纪实的案例研究] (Revealing the construction history behind the Western façade:based on an architect’s memoir of an English house project published in 1851)', Jianzhushi (The Architect) 170, no.4 (2014), pp.117-126.

Pan Yiting, 'Yingguo jianzhu baohu jiaoyu suyao: yi Jianqiao Daxue weili [英国建筑保护教育述要:以剑桥大学为例] (Education in architectural conservation in the UK: the case of the University of Cambridge)', in Lishi jianzhu baohu gongchengxue [历史建筑保护工程学], ed. by Chang Qing, Shanghai: Tongji University Press, 2014.

Pan Yiting, 'Building construction history: The case of Shanghai 1843-1943', an A1 poster exhibited in the 'Department of Architecture Symposium "100 Years of Research and Practice"', Clare College, Cambridge, 17 Sepember 2012.

Pan Yiting, 'Contextual consideration of ancient wall city: Shanghai and Wuhu as examples”, a paper read in the Graduate Seminar, East Asian and Middle East Studies Faculty, Cambridge, 17 November 2011.

Valerie Paolozzi, Yiting Pan, Miruna Pavoni, and Robert Alex Stefan, 'Eco-Bell', Visions on mass-housing sustainable rehabilitation--Student Workshop, Bucharest, February-March 2010, Ed. by Rodica Crisan, Zina Macri, Andra Panait, Bucharest: Editura Universitara 'Ion Mincu', 2011, pp.118-34, 190-7.

Pan Yiting, and Li Zhen, 'Faxian, zhenghe, he biaoda: Wuhu gucheng Xiaojia xiang lishi jianzhu de baohu zaisheng sheji tantao [发现、整合和表达:芜湖古城肖家巷历史建筑的保护再生设计探讨](Reveal, integrate and express: The conservation and regeneration of the vernacular dwelling of Xiaojia Lane in Wuhu Ancient City)', Huanzhong jianzhu 155, no.4 (2010), 36-41.