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Li Wan BArch, MPhil

Li Wan, BArch, MPhil

Li Wan

Downing College

Research Area: A spatial interaction model for simulating the morphological effectsof transport and land use policies upon urban micro-level space

Supervisor: Dr Ying Jin


MPhil research: Parametric Environmental Design in Architecture
Current research: A New Spatial Equilibrium Model for Assessing Urban Sustainability Initiatives

This research aims to establish an urban spatial--econometric model for urban policy evalution. The proposed model simulates the interaction between urban land use and transport system, and provides quantification of impacts of different policy interventions on a consistent basis for a given time horizon. The incorporation of non-equilibrium module within the general equilibrium framework enables the simulation of path dependence in urban evolution trajectories in a recursive manner. An empirical application will be conducted in the city of Beijing, exploring the agglomeration effects of large-scale urban spatial/transport policies.