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Amir Soltani

Amir Soltani

Amir Soltani

Wolfson College

Research Area: The Architecture of Gesture

Supervisor: Prof Francois-Andre Penz


I'm exploring the ways we interface architecture, working on 'Archigesture' as a model for mapping of expressive architectural spaces through gestural and temporal analysis of bodies and objects' interactions. Archigesture in my research defines an architecture that is adaptive to gesture, as kinetogenesis of anthropomorphic forms. Does gestural movement affect the space of architecture? How does gesture adapt to space of architecture and vice versa?

I'm currently also a research assistant on the project titled Innovative Digital Education in Architecture (IDEA) involves today’s technologies that provide interactive and dynamic learning interfaces which can dramatically improve opportunities for innovative learning and teaching in architecture. The purpose of this project is to test to what extent and how a large format interactive multi-touch digital display can accelerate and innovate learning and teaching in architectural design.