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Scroope Upcoming issue

In the rhetorical practice of apologia the orator stands to face an accusation, to clarify their position, earn vindication and regain acceptance. When written, apologia is an offered defense, a justification of a belief, of an idea, of motives, convictions or actions. How might we interpret apologia in the context of spatial discourses and practices?

Scroope 26 asks for the stories of apologia in all their interpreted forms. Let us consider apologia as a reckoning; an attempt at reconciliation; a diversion; a declaration; as veiled or open criticism; or a manifesto. The aim is to encourage a conversation between those who are engaged in discussion and argumentation about current architectural practices as well as those offering retrospective and projective theoretical and critical interrogations.

Storytellers from across disciplines were asked to consider apologia in the context of teaching, thinking, imagining, practicing, representing and experiencing architecture. Scroope 26 includes those who are at play and active in the expanded field of architecture including and beyond history, theory, critique, culture and urbanism. Submissions include narrative forms of both text and image, including essays, photographs, drawings, interviews, architectural projects and real and imagined constructions.

Scroope 26 will be published in June 2017.